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Codes for spatial data analyses

The purpose of this page is to provide you with information on add-on modules or free codes for spatial statistics that require other packages to run.

R codes

R is a free clone of S+. You can get more information about it at http://www.r-project.org/. R is growing so quickly that there is no way to keep this section exhaustive and up to date. I therefore can only invite the visitors to visit this two web sites dedicated to R for spatial statistics: "R Spatial Projects" - link is broken, will be checked soon - and the "CRAN task view: Analysis of Spatial Data".

Here below are indicated a few well known packages.

  • ADE4 (analysis of lattice data, designed for ecological data-analysis)
  • GeoR (2D Geostatistics & simulations)
  • Gstat (2D Geostatistics & simulations)
  • GeoXP 1.3 (Exploratory spatial data analysis)
  • SPATSTAT (Point processing)

Matlab codes

F77 codes

  • VISIM: GSLIB based F77 program for sequential Gaussian and direct sequential simulation with histogram reproduction




  • Source codes of a large number of algorithms presented in the journal Computers and Geosciences can be found online.
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