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Below is the detail information:

DEVELOPED 2003-2006

Distribution version 1.9-7 for R
AUTHOR Written by
Adrian Baddeley www.maths.uwa.edu.au/~adrian/
Rolf Turner www.math.unb.ca/~rolf/
PLATFORM Library in R for the statistical analysis of spatial point patterns, The code will run under Windows or UNIX.
PURPOSE Functions for point pattern analysis

+ display and manipulation of point patterns in the plane
+ exploratory data analysis
+ simulation
+ parametric model-fitting using maximum pseudo-likelihood

The window of observation for the point pattern may have arbitrary shape (represented by a binary image mask, a polygon, or several polygons with holes). The points of the pattern may have marks.
You will find there also hypothesis tests and diagnostics

Point process models can be fitted to point pattern data
CODES R codes are available from the homepage as well as from www.cran.r-project.org/src/contrib/Descriptions/spatstat.html
CODES R codes are available from the homepage as well as from www.cran.r-project.org/src/contrib/
HOMEPAGE Home: www.spatstat.org
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