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Book Title: Case Studies in Spatial Point Process Modeling

ISBN: 0387283110

Book Author(s): Adrian Baddeley, Pablo Gregori, Jorge Mateu, Radu Stoica, Dietrich Stoyan (Eds)

Book Publisher: Springer Verlag

Date of Publication:
Date of Publication: 21 November 2005
  Cost: 60 US$

Pages: 306

Url: http://www.springer.com/


Point process statistics is successfully used in fields such as material science, human epidemiology, social sciences, animal epidemiology, biology, and seismology. Its further application depends greatly on good software and instructive case studies that show the way to successful work. This book satisfies this need by a presentation of the spatstat package and many statistical examples. Researchers, spatial statisticians and scientists from biology, geosciences, materials sciences and other fields will use this book as a helpful guide to the application of point process statistics.

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