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Book Title: Multivariate Geostatistics (3rd Ed)

ISBN: 3540441425

Book Author(s): Hans Wackernagel

Book Publisher: Springer Verlag

Date of Publication: 1 February 2003

Cost: 60 US$

Pages: 387

Url: http://cg.ensmp.fr/~hans/books3.html
Url: http://cg.ensmp.fr/~hans/books3.html - link is broken, will be checked soon

The 3rd Edition contains a new part (6 chapters) about Non-linear Geostatistics.

Contents: From the contents: From Statistics to Geostatistics.- Mean, Variance, Covariance.- Linear Regression and Simple Kriging.- Kriging the Mean; Geostatistics.- Regionalized Variable and Random Function.- Variogram Cloud.- Variogram and Covariance Function.- Anisotropy.- Extension and Dispersion Variance.- Measures and Plots of Dispersion.- Kriging Weights.- Mapping with Kriging.- Linear Model of Regionalization.- Kriging Spatial Components.- The Smoothness of Kriging; Multivariate Analysis.- Principal Component Analysis.- Canonical Analysis.- Correspondence Analysis; D: Multivariate Geostatistics.- Direct and Cross Covariances.- Covariance Function Matrices.- Intrinsic Multivariate Correlation.- Heterotopic Cokriging; Non-Stationary Geostatistics.- External Drift.- Universal Kriging.- Translations Invariant Drift.

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