Vesper 1.62

Below is the detail information:

DEVELOPED 1999-2005
AUTHOR Minasny, B., McBratney, A.B., and Whelan, B.M.
Australian Centre for Precision Agriculture
McMillan Building A05
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006

PURPOSE Program for automatic Variogram Estimation and Spatial Prediction with Error.
Emphasis is put on the use of kriging with local variograms.
FUNCTIONS local & global variogram calculations and modeling (manual or automatic)

point and block kriging (Ordinary and Simple)

Boundaries can be defined for the output of the estimates
CODES Not Available


Minasny, B., McBratney, A.B., and Whelan, B.M., 2005. VESPER version 1.62. Australian Centre for Precision Agriculture, McMillan Building A05, The University of Sydney, NSW 2006. (
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