surfit 2.1

Below is the detail information:

DEVELOPED 1997-2006
AUTHOR Mikhail Dmitrievsky
& V.N. Kutrunov

PURPOSE open source gridding and contouring software
FUNCTIONS Allows to build your own gridding algorithm by defining a set of so called "gridding rules".

Allows to build "gridding rules" from:
+ scattered points (surface should interpolate or approximate points);
+ curves (surface should interpolate or approximate curve with constant value or with values taken from other surface);
+ areas (surface should interpolate or approximate area with constant value or with values taken from other surface);
+ contours (surface should interpolate or approximate contour);
+ surfaces (surface should interpolate or approximate other surface);
+ inequalities (based on points, curves, areas, ... );
linear conditions (mean or weighted mean values for whole surface, or in some area).
CODES C++ source codes available
TIP Russian version available
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