R Package 4.0.d10

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DEVELOPED 1996-2006
AUTHOR Pierre Legendre, Alain Vaudor & Philippe Cassegrain
Université de Montréal
C.P. 6128, Succursale A
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H3C 3J7


PLATFORM Macintosh and VAX/VMS
PURPOSE This is a group of programs that will allow you to perform various complex multidimensional and spatial analysis procedures.
  • Compute similarity, distance and correlation (R-mode) matrices
  • Compute geographic distances from latitude-longitude data
  • Create a principal coordinates analysis (PCA)
  • Create a correspondance analysis (CA)
  • Compute a Mantel test
  • Create a hierarchical or K-Means cluster analysis
  • Study spatial autocorrelation processes
  • Verify and normalize your data matrices
CODES Not Available
TIP Windows version is in development, R has a mailing list.
HOMEPAGE Home: www.bio.umontreal.ca/Casgrain/en/labo/R/v4/index.html
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