Book Title: Quantitative Geography: Perspectives on Modern Spatial Data Analysis

ISBN: 0761959483

Book Author(s): A . Stewart Fotheringham, Chris Brunsdon, Martin E Charlton

Book Publisher: Sage Ltd

Date of Publication: 23 October 2006

Cost: 45 US$

Pages: 272



Quantitative Geography is a lucid and comprehensive overview of the use of quantitative methods in spatial data analysis. It focuses on the philosophy informing spatial analysis and demonstrates the significant differences between modern quantitative methods and the methods associated with Geography's 'Quantitative Revolution' in the sixties. The text integrates a discussion of the application of quantitative methods with practical examples, and explains the philosophy of the new quantitative methodologies. Comprising a discussion of specific techniques, Quantitative Geography critically examines the profound difference in the use of those techniques since the quantitative revolution.

Key issues include: spatial data; geographical information systems; visualization; local analysis; point pattern analysis; spatial regression; and statistical inference. Concluding with a review of models used in spatial theory, the text goes on to discuss the current challenges to spatial data analysis.

Table Of Contents:

1. Establishing the Boundaries 2. What's Special About Spatial Data? 3. The Role of Geographic Information Systems 4. Exploring Spatial Data Visually 5. Local Analysis 6. Point Pattern Analysis 7. Spatial Regression Models 8. Current Issues in Statistical Inference - A Quantitative Geographer's Guide 9. Modeling Spatial Behavior: The Evolution of Spatial Theory 10. Challenges in Spatial Data Analysis Bibliography

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