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Tools for analysing geostatistical data

Software for analysing geostatistical data

The purpose of this page is to provide you with information on available standalone freeware for analysing geostatistical data.

A list of free utilities (post-processing tools) can be found in the Utilities section. For what concerns the many tools used in the scientific community that require packages like Matlab, R (free) or SPLus, these can be found in the Codes section.

(Keywords: V = Variography , K = kriging, O = other estimators (NN, IDW, splines...), C = co-kriging, 2D/3D. = max. dimensions, S = simulations, G = GIS functions).

  • IV - [Windows] (V - 2D)
  • Kriging [Unix / C codes] (K-2D)
  • SADA [Windows] (V-K-O-3D-G)
  • SAGA GIS [Windows, Linux] (V-K-O-2D-G)
  • SGS [Linux, C codes] (K-S-2D)
  • S-GeMS [Windows, Linux, C++ codes] (V-K-C-3D-S)
  • SpatDesign [Windows, Linux, Matlab & Octave codes] (V-K-O-3D)
  • Spherekit [Unix, C codes] (K-O-2D)
  • Surface III [Mac] (K-O-2D)
  • Surfit [Windows, C++ codes] (O)
  • UNCERT [Unix / C codes] (V-K-O-C-2D-G)
  • Variowin [Windows] (V-2D)
  • Vesper [Windows] (V-K-2D)
 Commercial packages:
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