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SAGA GIS 2.0.1

Below is the detail information:

AUTHOR SAGA Team, Göttingen, Germany
PLATFORM Windows, Linux
PURPOSE SAGA stands for System for Automated Geoscientific Analyses
FUNCTIONS File access: interfaces to various table, vector, image and grid file formats.
Filter for grids: gaussian, laplacian, multi direction lee filter...
Gridding: interpolation from vector data using triangulation, nearest neighbour, inverse distance...
Geostatistics: residual analysis, ordinary and universal kriging, single and multiple regression analysis, variance analysis...
Grid calculator: combine grids through user defined functions...
Grid discretisation: skeletonisation, segmentation...
Grid tools: merging, resampling, gaps filling...
Image classification: cluster analysis, box classification, maximum likelihood, pattern recognition, region growing...
Projections: various coordinate transformations for vector and grid data (using Proj4 and GeoTrans libraries), georeferencing of grids.
Simulation of dynamic processes: TOPMODEL, nitrogen distributions, erosion, landscape development...
Terrain analysis: slope, aspect, curvatures, curvature classification, analytical hill shading, sink elimination, flow path analysis, catchment delineation, solar radiation, channel lines, relative altitudes...
Vector tools: polygon intersection, contour lines from grid...
CODES SAGA is written in C++. It relies on the GNU Public License, which means it is an open source project
HOMEPAGE Home: www.saga-gis.uni-goettingen.de/html/index.php - link is broken, will be checked soon
HOMEPAGE Home: http://www.saga-gis.org/en/index.html
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