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Below is the detail information:

DEVELOPED 1992-1999
AUTHOR Clayton V. Deutsch and Andre G. Journel
Department of Applied Earth Sciences
Stanford University
PURPOSE Geostatistics in 2 and 3D
FUNCTIONS + general statistics (histograms, probability plots)
+ declustering function
+ variogram and cross variogram calculations (2-D and 3-D)

+ Simple and ordinary kriging
+ kriging with a trend model
+ kriging with an external drift
+ cokriging
+ Non linear kriging
+ indicator kriging and cokriging
+ indicator principal + component kriging (IPCK)
+ Soft kriging

all these can be point or block kriging

+ LU simulation
+ simulated annealing
+ sequential gaussian simulation
+ sequential indicator simulation (categorical or continuous variable)
+ turning bands simulation

+ cross validation, jackknifing
CODES Fortran 77 codes availabe
TIP There are 3 versions of GSLIB:
The first version GSLIB 2.0 is free and codes (fortran 77) can be downloaded.

The last versions, GSLIB 2.90 is free, written in fortran 90 and executables only can be downloaded.

Note that you will also need the Xgam program to process *.var files from GSLIB and visualize variograms: have a look at www.engin.umich.edu/class/cee682/src/xgam/

Other people have written some software to make the use of GSLIB 2.0 more user friendly:

+ UPFILE is a computer program running under windows to display in a raster format the output of data generated with GSLIB.
See www.ibrae.ac.ru/~mkanev/eng/Upfile.html

+ 3Plot also adds x,y co-ordinates to outputs from GSLIB.
See www.ibrae.ac.ru/~mkanev/eng/3plot.html

+ The AI_GEOSTATS package from Cyze & Associates is a free utility which provides the user with a simple but useful windows interface to the codes. See www.cyze.com/product/geostats/

+ Check also WinVAM for the automatic modelling of the variogram output of GSLIB. See ai-geostats.dyndns.org/index.php

Check also VISIM (codes section of AI-GEOSTATS)
HOMEPAGE Home: www.gslib.com

Geostatistical Software Library and User's Guide by Deutsch & Journel, Oxford University Press, 1992
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