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Book Title: Recent Developments in Spatial Analysis

ISBN: 3540631801

Book Author(s): M.M. Fischer, A. Getis (Eds)

Book Publisher: Springer Verlag

Date of Publication:
Date of Publication: 1 November 1997
  Cost: 171 US$

Pages: 434

Url: http://www.springer.com/


In recent years, spatial analysis has become an increasingly active field, as evidenced by the establishment of educational and research programs at many universities. Its popularity is due mainly to new technologies and the development of spatial data infrastructures. This book illustrates some recent developments in spatial analysis, behavioural modelling, and computational intelligence. World renown spatial analysts explain and demonstrate their new and insightful models and methods. The applications are in areas of societal interest such as the spread of infectious diseases, migration behaviour, and retail and agricultural location strategies. In addition, there is emphasis on the uses of new technologies for the analysis of spatial data through the application of neural network concepts.

Contents: Preface.- List of Figures.- Spatial Data Analysis.- Behavioural Modelling.- CI-based Spatial Analysis.- Bibliography.- Author Index.- Subject Index.- Contributors

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