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The Frequently Asked Questions of AI-GEOSTATS

  1. A FAQ on geostatistics: Definitions and explanations of the mains terms and concepts used in geostatistics. (Author: Syed Abdul Rahman Shibli, 2003). Useful is also the geostatistical glossary maintained by Donald Myers.
  2. A FAQ on geostatistical software: I'm a beginner in geostatistics! What software should I use? (Author: Grégoire Dubois, 2002)
  3. A FAQ on geostatistical software conventions: Geostatistical software sometimes use different models but use same terminology. Here is more information on what the software really do. (Author: Tom Mueller, 2004)
  4. Geostatistics, do it yourself: Take any general text about geostatistics and use the following tools to interactively learn the main concepts: exploratory variography, variogram modelling and estimation with kriging. Tools for teaching geostatistics are:
  • The online tutorial about variography (Authors: William L. Wingle and Eileen P. Poeter, 1999)
  • Variowin for spatial correlation analysis (variograms) and modelling. (Author: Yvan Pannatier, 2003)
  • E{Z}-Kriging for exploring kriging (Author: Dennis J.J. Walvoort, 2004)

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